We are absolutely, positively, fantastically excited to announce Robot Invader’s first game: Wind-up Knight, coming this fall to Android and iOS.

Wind-up Knight

Wind-up Knight is a game designed to test your mettle.

We know you enjoy screwing around on your phone when you have an extra five minutes to kill.  There are plenty of games out there that are slightly less boring than shuffling your feet or trying to read the eight month old sports magazine at your dentist’s office.  Sure, maybe they are not great games, but hey, it beats staring off into space.

Wind-up Knight is different.  It’s a platformer, sort of.  It’s a timing challenge, sort of.  One thing’s for sure, it’s designed to test you.  Test your gaming prowess.  We’re talking design with no remorse, diabolically difficult levels that will keep you up at night.  You know how to play games, you don’t need any hand-holding.  Checkpoints are for wimps.  Power-ups are for wimps.  Wind-up Knight is about being totally awesome in the face of insidiously challenging stages.

Oh, and did we mention that it has some of the best art and graphics that you’ve ever seen on your phone or tablet?  You spent some serious dough on that thing and now it’s time to put that fancy mobile technology to work.

Sure, you could play this game for five minutes at a time.  But we think you’ll play for longer than that, a lot longer; brief respite will come only when your phone’s battery dies.  Because after you school one level, there’s another waiting to up the ante just a little bit more.  Look, the dentist can wait.  This is Serious Business.  This is Wind-up Knight.

Lots more information is coming soon.  Watch this space.  In the meantime, check out the screenshots below.

You're about to get chopped, chicken!

Caution: Low Clearance

Keep that shield up!


Through the Fire and the Flames

Wind-up Knight Logo

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