Privacy Policy

For our mobile games, including Wind-up Knight, Rise of the Blobs, and others:

We collect anonymous statistics to help us improve our games.  These statistics are stored by third-party analytics services, such as Flurry and Google Analytics.

We may save your game progress to our servers.  This information is anonymous unless you link it to a social network (Facebook, Game Center, or Google+).  If you associate a social network with your data we store only your public user ID.

Unless compelled by law, we never give your personal details to a third party.  We do not share any information about you with advertisers or anybody else.  We may integrate with ad networks (such has Tapjoy, Flurry, and Chartboost) which may also collect their own anonymous data.

For our PC, Console, and VR games, such as Dead Secret and Dead Secret Circle:

We do not collect or store personal information, though we may integrate our software with platform SDKs that do store information in order to provide achievements, leaderboards, and other services (for example, the Steamworks SDK).  This information is stored and managed by the platform provider (for example, Steam, Nintendo, or Meta).  To request such information be deleted, please contact the platform provider directly.

We will never send you unsolicited e-mail.  We don’t track nor do we store your location.

We might update this policy from time to time.

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