Play WIND-UP KNIGHT at Tokyo Game Show!


We know you’ve been biting your nails with anticipation for Wind-up Knight, so much so that you’ve started to eat into the fleshy bits at the tips of your fingers.  Fortunately, we have a way for you to avoid all-out epidermal disaster: come play Wind-up Knight at Tokyo Game Show next week!

A fully playable and absolutely ego-destroying sample version of Wind-up Knight will be on display at SonyEricsson’s booth–just look for the large Xperia Play demo station.  Wind-up Knight will be ready and waiting to put you in your place on any of SonyEricsson’s vast array of demo devices.  Make that incredibly long trip to Makuhari Messe worth the trouble by playing our awesome game!

To whet your appetite here’s a new screenshot of a player about to get served by a goddamn wolf.

You about to get chomped!

Robot Invader初のゲームの日本版を遂に発表しました。難しさが半端ない「ねじ巻きナイト」は今年の秋にアンドロイドとiOSに登場します。東京ゲームショーに行かれる方は、是非ソニー・エリクソンのブースのXperia Playでデモ版を試してみてください。難しくてハマりやすいゲームですので、現場で遊びすぎないようにご注意願います。よろしくお願いいたします!





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