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Dead Secret at GDC

Hey! We’re going to the Game Developers Conference in March and we’ll be talking about Dead Secret.  The topic is designing for mobile VR, and the work we went through to convert Dead Secret from a tablet game to virtual … Continue reading

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Android TV and the Video Game Middle Ground

We shipped Wind-up Knight 2 for Android TV last week.  If you were at Google IO, maybe you saw our logo flash up there for a moment.  If you actually have an Android TV, Wind-up Knight 2 is one of a … Continue reading

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Free-to-Play is A-OK

Let’s talk about free-to-play games. I mean, really talk about them.  Pick them apart. Analyze them.  Maybe even learn a few things. Because sometimes I feel like talking to game developers about the topic of free-to-play games is like talking … Continue reading

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Playing the Story

Last week David Jaffe, the outspoken designer of tons of games including God of War and Twisted Metal, gave a speech at DICE about how games and stories are incompatible.  The coverage of the talk makes it seem pretty cut and … Continue reading

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Pay by Numbers

Why tear out my heart for all the world to see? Why not paint by numbers Catchy melody Burn it up the charts with sweet simplicity Then do it again — Self, Paint by Numbers If you ask experts in … Continue reading

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Personality Goes a Long Way

Robot Invader is housed in a small office in Mountain View, California.  The office is located in one of the many featureless business parks that pepper the Peninsula like the aftermath of a boring meteor storm, a rectangular wedge of … Continue reading

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Never Count Nintendo Out

If there are any universal rules or golden constants by which the game industry is governed, one of them is surely this: never count Nintendo out.  It is not an exaggeration to call the Kyoto firm the world leader in … Continue reading

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