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The Other White Meat

We’ve been quiet lately.  We’ll make some noise soon. Baw-baaaawk!!

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Play WIND-UP KNIGHT at Tokyo Game Show!

We know you’ve been biting your nails with anticipation for Wind-up Knight, so much so that you’ve started to eat into the fleshy bits at the tips of your fingers.  Fortunately, we have a way for you to avoid all-out … Continue reading

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We are absolutely, positively, fantastically excited to announce Robot Invader’s first game: Wind-up Knight, coming this fall to Android and iOS. Wind-up Knight is a game designed to test your mettle. We know you enjoy screwing around on your phone when … Continue reading

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Personality Goes a Long Way

Robot Invader is housed in a small office in Mountain View, California.  The office is located in one of the many featureless business parks that pepper the Peninsula like the aftermath of a boring meteor storm, a rectangular wedge of … Continue reading

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Never Count Nintendo Out

If there are any universal rules or golden constants by which the game industry is governed, one of them is surely this: never count Nintendo out.  It is not an exaggeration to call the Kyoto firm the world leader in … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Succeed is to Fail

For the past several weeks we’ve been prototyping different ideas for a new mobile game.  Taking the time to “find the fun” through experimental prototyping is one of those Game Development 101 strategies that everybody agrees is a good idea … Continue reading

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Mobile Platform, Console Experience

What separates the mobile gaming experience from the console gaming experience?  I don’t mean obvious differences, like the size of the screen or the control interface, though those are important.  I’m also not talking about the on-the-go nature of many … Continue reading

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