Rise of the Blobs


Robot Invader is staffed exclusively by veterans of the console game industry.  Our team of five has shipped over 50 console games between us, and we worked together on many of those titles earlier in our careers.  When we developed Wind-up Knight in 2011, we were working within a genre that all of us had prior experience with, and as a result it was a straightforward (though not necessarily easy) game to build.  Wind-up Knight now has close to seven million total downloads, and player reviews on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store are glowing.  We’re very pleased with its success.  But for our second game, we decided to create something completely different.

Robot Invader’s second game is called Rise of the Blobs.  It’s a fast-paced arcade puzzle game, and it’s probably not what you expect.  We’ve played a lot of puzzle games on our mobile devices, and gotten completely hooked on a few.  But Rise of the Blobs is something else.  It’s easy to play but crazy challenging in the end game.  It’s got loads of depth and strategy, and we’ve added alternative game modes that change the nature of the puzzle significantly.  This is not a genre that we’ve worked in before; it’s a design that we unearthed rather than one we conceived.  Rise of the Blobs is the product of almost a year of iteration and development, which more than twice as long as the time we spent on Wind-up Knight.  It’s a puzzle game unlike any that we’ve ever seen.

You can read more about Rise of the Blobs, and it’s available now for free on iOS and Android.  Here’s a teaser video to give you a little taste of what it’s like.

Please give it a shot.  We’re very excited to finally have it available to the public.

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