Wind-up Knight for iOS Released


Human language is incapable of expressing the degree of excitement we feel as we announce that Wind-up Knight is now available on iPad and iPhone via the App Store.  We even made a cool trailer to commemorate the moment:

We worked hard to bring this game to iOS, and we certainly hope you enjoy it.  We added Game Center Achievements and a lot of polish, not to mention level tweaks, performance optimizations, and dramatically improved button placement and sizing specifically for your iDevice.  Wind-up Knight is a Universal app and will run on everything down to the iPhone 3GS; the iPad 2 version is pretty much the best experience possible (iPhone 4S is a close second).

We’ve also simplified our pricing for this version.  It’s a $0.99 app (at the current special holiday rate) but comes with Books I through IV unlocked from the get-go.  No special offers, no paywalls, and now Notes are used exclusively for items in the Store.

Here’s the link.  Stop reading this and go try it out now!  Prepare to get schooled by some high-end 3D platforming iFun.

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9 Responses to Wind-up Knight for iOS Released

  1. First off, I’m definitely enjoying the game and I (goofyjmaster) will be leaving a good review on our site.

    My gripe is the control schem. I would love to be able to put the shield on the right side because having it in the left is driving me somewhat bananas. I’m not asking you to change the scheme for me, but possibly add an alternate scheme.

    It would be much appreciated if you’re able to. If not I understand.

    Thanks and sincerely,

    Jordan T.

  2. Vinh says:

    I just bought the game yesterday after seeing the App of the Day segment. A couple of things…. 1. I’m still on the first Book, but so far the levels seem a bit dark. It’s really hard to see the coins sometimes, even when they’re in plain sight. 2. The jump you have to pull off on Book 1 Level 3 to get to the Ace card seems impossible. I had to have tried it well over a dozen times and I’m nearly convinced it can’t be done. Am I missing something here?

  3. Paula says:

    Hey I have really enjoyed playing this on my husband’s phone but he’s at work a lot and I want to know when you guys are going to make this available for kindle fire. I am going crazy waiting….lol

  4. Julie says:

    I’m still on book 1 and starting to get ticked off. It will not let me collect more notes. No matter how many times I play a level, I collected 100 and it stopped there. So now I’m stuck, it won’t let me move forward unless I buy notes or dl free apps. I’ve got to be missing something? I thought you could just play the game all the way through without having to do those 2 options?

    • Chris says:

      100 is the max number of notes you can collect in a given level. If you collect 100 notes on all twelve levels you will have 1200 notes, which is sufficient to unlock the next book.

  5. Ignacio M says:

    I just bought the game for Iowa and it does not work. I’m running with an iPod touch 3GS with iOS 5 I just downloaded a few days ago. But the app shut down at startup I only see the splash screen
    Please fix this.