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We warped our brains watching '50s monster movies in glorious black and white. Now we're making video games for your phone and tablet.


The Early Days

Robot Invader was founded by Chris Pruett and Casey Richardson. The pair worked together on a number of console and handheld games for almost a decade, but in early 2011 they decided to quit their jobs and create their own game studio. Though they lived on opposite sides of the planet, Chris and Casey agreed to meet in the middle and both moved their homes to Silicon Valley. They hooked up with Mike Witt, another good friend and veteran of the console game industry, and set out to be the best mobile game studio ever.

Wind-up Knight

After five months of hard work the team of three shipped their first game: Wind-up Knight. Released for Android and iOS, Wind-up Knight was a huge success, both in the United States and abroad. A hard-as-nails platformer, it was praised for its tight gameplay, challenging level design, humor, and beautiful graphics. It won an "App of the Year 2011" award and maintains a 4.5/5 star review on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Today, Wind-up Knight has been played by almost 10 million people.

Rise of the Blobs

Excited by this early success, the Robot Invader team began experimenting with a number of prototypes, finally settling on a new, compelling mechanic for a novel puzzle game. Over many months, this prototype became Rise of the Blobs, Robot Invader's second game. The team grew during this time as well, and development became a major undertaking. It was finally released in January of 2013, after ten months of building, tweaking, and tuning. Like Wind-up Knight, Rise of the Blobs was a critical success, and was praised by players and the press for its addictive gameplay, its unique 3D interface, and its high-quality graphics. It won the "Best Puzzle Game" award at Casual Connect's Indie Prize competition in 2013.

Wind-up Knight 2 and Nanobots Series

The Robot Invader was now four people: Chris, Casey, Mike, and Jonny Russell, a senior technical designer with more games under his belt than many developers ever ship in a lifetime. Unsure what to build next, they split into two teams of two and worked on prototypes for several months. One of those prototypes became a sequel to Wind-up Knight, and the other became a mystery game called Dead Secret. Wind-up Knight 2 shipped in 2014 for Android, iOS, and Amazon FireTV, and in 2015 for WiiU. Like its predecessor it was praised for tight, challenging gameplay and for its beautiful graphics. Barely stopping to catch their breath, the team shipped three more mini-games in the span of a month. The series was titled Nanobots, and contained three simple games: Tapthello!, Cybergon, and Dungeon Slots.

Dead Secret

Despite shipping six titles in just over three years, in 2014 the team took a hard look at the mobile games market and found the scene to be grim. Instead of embarking on another iOS or Android game, they took Dead Secret, a fully playable prototype mystery game developed in 2013, back off the shelf and started reworking it for VR. Targeting an as-yet-unannounced mobile VR platform (which turned out to be the Samsung Gear VR), the team ripped Dead Secret apart and started piecing it back together to accomodate virtual reality. An early prototype was shown at Oculus Connect in 2014, and the response was very positive. Emboldened by this early feedback, the team spent the next year building Dead Secret into a VR-native mystery thriller. Finally, in October of 2015, just a few days prior to Halloween, Dead Secret launched for Gear VR.

Here and Now

These days it's pretty busy around the Robot Invader compound. New versions of Dead Secret for Steam, PSN, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR are in the works, and the team has some new secret projects brewing as well. It's an exciting time to be an autonomous agent of death!



Dead Secret Trailer YouTube

Wind-up Knight Trailer YouTube

Rise of the Blobs Trailer YouTube

Android Developer Story: Robot Invader YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Appliā˜†Get APP OF THE YEAR 2011" - Wind-up Knight, 2011
  • "Indie Prize BEST PUZZLE GAME" - Rise of the Blobs, 2013
  • "Selected as one of IGN's Top 25 Android Games" - Wind-up Knight, 2012

Selected Articles

  • "Occasionally a game will come out on Android that looks so good I slaver for a port. Wind-up Knight is one of those games. ... Now that it's arrived on iOS, I can finally confirm: this game is outstanding."
    - Nissa Campbell, TouchArcade
  • "I'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have a total blast playing [Wind-up Knight]. It's fun, it's addictive, and best of all, it was born from a true love of video games."
    - Tara Long, Destructoid
  • "Robot Invader is the kind of developer I've come to associate with quirk and quality. Rise of the Blobs fits nicely into both categories."
    - Rob Rich, 148Apps
  • "App addiction of this vacation: Wind-up Knight"
    - Lee Unkrich, Director, Toy Story 3

Robot Invader Blog
Robot Invader writes about its hopes and dreams at robotinvader.com.

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Chris' personal twitter account is at twitter.com.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Chris Pruett
Chief Taskmaster, Engineering, Robot Invader

Casey Richardson
Creative Director, Design, Animation, Robot Invader

Mike Witt
Art Director, Robot Invader

Jonny Russell
Senior Designasaur, Robot Invader

Jordan Fehr
Sound Design, Freelancer

Josh Whelchel
Music, Freelancer

Dan Cantrell
Music, Freelancer

Ben Prunty
Music, Freelancer

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Japanese Localization

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